Multiple trigger boxes on the same character blueprint

I’m building a Super Mario Bros clone for learning purposes. How can I kill the enemy when I stomp on it? Even though I have 2 different trigger boxes on the enemy blueprint, the one on the top works just like the one on the sides.

This is the programming for the side box, which kills the player. Only prints a message and pauses the game at the moment. The same programming goes for the top box, but obviously the result is the enemy’s death and the game doesn’t pause.

The highlighted box is the one that kills the player

When I stomp the enemy it still detects as if it’s the side box.
I’m looking for a way to solve this or another way to get the same results (player dies if hit by the enemy and enemy dies if the player stomps on it).

Event ActorBeginOverlap means if any part of your actor gets overlapped (either of the trigger boxes) the event will fire.
In your setup you should use OnComponentBeginOverlap per collision box. That event will only execute if this component overlaps.

Thanks! Meanwhile I found another way to do it. I created 2 trigger boxes in the scene instead of the character and attached them to the AI character so they would follow it. It works now. The problem must have had something to do with collisions and not really the code.