Multiple textures to one mesh?

what modelling software do you use?

Your going to have to texture the object outside of ue4, ie. In an external program like substance painter, gimp or Photoshop then reimport it along with its corresponding textures unfortunately:/. Don’t forget to mark this as resolved for taking purposes as well :smiley:

Hello everyone,
How do I get two different textures into one mesh and specify where each texture should be? for example I have a mesh of a tree and it has a bark texture and leaves texture, and i couldn’t find a way to specify where the leaves texture go and where the bark texture go. If anyone could help me out or point me to a guide that can help I would be very thankful
thanks a lot and have a merry christmas!

It depends on the tool you are using.
Using an external program like painter, gimp, or Photoshop wont help, since you will need 3d modelling software first.
Which is why omnicypher asked which program you where using.

You will need to apply material ID’s in that software (multi-sub in 3dsmax) so you can apply multiple materials on one mesh.
Multiple materials do increase the draw-calls of your mesh, so sometimes its worth looking into two alternatives:

  1. You can also use mask layers ( Using Texture Masks | Unreal Engine Documentation ) in combination with i.e. multiple UV maps in your mesh.
    For which I actually made some sort of tutorial: [UE4] Masks for giant buildings - YouTube

  2. Combine both the leaf texture and tree bark texture into one.
    And for this you do need an editing tool like gimp or photoshop.
    After that, (or before, depending on your preference) make sure the tree bark uv’s are only on the tree bark part of the texture. same goes for the leaves.