Multiple Texture Resolutions (In-game video setting option)

So i have been asking around on discord and looking far and wide on the internet and can not find an answer specifically for what im wanting. I’m making a setting in my video settings for:

Texture Resolution: 512 - 1024 - 2048 - 4096

If the user selects 512, all textures will be set to mipmap 3 (for a 4k max texture, #3 in LODBias shows 3 as 512x512).
if the user selects 1024, all textures in game will be set to mipmap #2
if the user selects 2048, all textures in game will be set to mipmap #1
and if the user selects 4096, all tex in game will be set to mipmap 0

I am making an online MMORPG so using a console command isnt a go in my case as its not a single player game with console access. Even so, still trying to use a console command for mipmap=3 does absolutely nothing in my viewport so not sure whats up with that. My goal here is to give the users with low end graphic cards the ability to bring down their memory pool as much as possible.

What can i do?? Im sure ill have to do it via blueprints as i have already done all my other settings but if i cant even get the console version to work, im at a loss. If anybody can shed some light on this, id be eternally greatful!

I understand that textures will stream in/out at max scale and lower end scale, but this isnt sufficient for my case as i dont want those memory hogging 4096 textures to be max for a low end graphic card user. Players having the ability to set a texture max being 512 or even 256 would go a very long way, especially for my MMORPG where players will want to have 2 or 3 accounts logged in at same time.