Multiple spawned instances causing game to crash

Hi guys!

I have something a bit more advanced to ask about.

Basically, I have set up a Character class that spawns a shopping cart and attaches it to the Character. The game takes place inside of a grocery store. The shopping cart that is spawned is a AActor class.

The issue that I am having is that obviously a grocery store has more then one customer in it at a time so I have multiple Customer Character classes that need to spawn the same Shopping Cart class.

When the first customer spawns a shopping cart it works perfectly fine but the game crashes as soon as a Second customer spawns one. I should also mention that the Customers are all derived extended blueprints from the same Customer class as well.

I am thinking that some how I need to differentiate the different spawned Shopping Carts to keep the editor from getting confused.

All of this is being done in C++.

Does this all make sense so far?

I believe that the issue is entirely with just my Customer Character class so that is all the code that I am going to post.

I am providing all the code but I am going to identify the relevant code in both the .h and CPP with commenting like this:

//***********RELAVENT CODE IS HERE!!!

The code will be here


The Customer Class is called Customer_T1. Oh and if it is relavent at all, the spawning is iniated by accessing SpawnCartFunction() through the extended blueprint.

I attached my CPP and .h in a zip file.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Wow. I solved it myself as soon as I posted this.

The editor was not saving what I had TSubclassOf SpawnCart assigned to.