Multiple root bones

Can someone help me save my animation? I spent over 5 hours on an animation only to get an error telling me that there are multiple roots in the hierarchy. The problem is, the animation is very intricate and was made in blender with multiple “child of” constraints that will no longer work right if the hierarchy is changed in any way. Is it possible to salvage the animation?

Did you export the rig from Unreal4? When an SK object is imported it’s parented to world origin in Unreal4 so when exported the world origin is added as the root joint of the rig as imported into other applications like Blender. Just delete the additional root.

No, I created the rig in Blender

Your rig won’t work in Unreal. You have to figure out a way to copy your original rig data to another skeleton - one that Unreal understands, before exporting your FBX from Blender.

So, your first step is to create an alternate FK skeleton for that same character and make sure UE can read it properly.

Then, you go after the copy/transfer. Look into Blender’s documentation about baking animation. In my case, I had to write myself a Python script to achieve that goal in Cinema 4D.