Multiple random idle animations help

I am looking to assign multiple idle animations to a mesh…for example a cat that may randomly move its head back and forth…then maybe up and down or move its tail while just standing idle. I have not been able to find any good info on doing this even though it has been asked many times all over the web, any help would be much appreciated!

Lets say you have 10 different animation for the cat and you want them to switch at random

  1. Create and assign an animation BP to the cat.
  2. Create an integer and call it something like RandomNumber
  3. Create a random number generator in the event graph that will generate a random number between 0 and 10. You will need to add a delay so that the generator is not constantly generating numbers.
  4. Each time the random number generator is activated set RandomNumber to the new value.
  5. In the animgraph place a blend by int in the migration path and add each of the 10 animation clips to the blend pins and plug the get of RandomNumber into the value input

When you hit the go button the blend by int will play the current default clip. When the delay is completed the generator will change the RandomNumber var and will trigger the clip place in the blend by int and the delay is reset. And over and over and over again

P.S. fond this doing a quick search.

Thank you so much Frankie…looks like exactly what I need!!