Multiple post process / multiple custom depth?

Hi everybody,

I’m new with unreal engine (my second month) and I try my best for learn by myself but I don’t find an answer to this point … It’s seems like the last post of this topic :

I want (for exemple) got outline, on two sphere, with different color of outline. (one sphere with black outline, one sphere with white outline).

But I don’t know how do it … I have think to got two differents “custom depth” but I don’t find a way to do it … or … use a type of post process for only one of object, and do multiple post process for any group of object but … I don’t find too …

ty a lot for your help

(and sry for my bad english)

Did you figure that out? I want to do the same

You should find everything you need right there.

You can work with only one custom depth, buuuuuuut you also have access to a “stencil” buffer that you also need to activate in the project settings.
So, you can set an object to write the custom depth buffer or not, plus you can also make it write a value in this stencil buffer. Between 0 and 255.
You can then read that buffer in your post-process, and make each value of the sentcil do something different, like maybe multiply the outline with a different color.

Note that all objects will write the same custom depth buffer, and occlude each other, wehter or not they use a different stencil value.

Anyway, you’ll find a more detailled explanation using the link.

Is that what you wanted ?