Multiple Player Controllers and Input

Having an issue where I spawn 4 players in my game mode, but input (with multiple controllers) only works on one of the characters unless I click on the other characters in the World Outliner during runtime. After that controller input works.

Does anyone know what is happening?

Multiple controllers is only supported in splitscreen AFAIK. If you have 4 instances running all characters will have a player controller of 0 which represents mouse and keyboard or th efirst gamepad that’s plugged in. The easiest way to enable multiple controllers is to enable splitscreen, and upon spawning each player assign a player controller ranging from 0(player 1) to 3(player 4).

Thanks. I’ve tried with and without splitscreen enabled.

All controllers work in game after I click on the players in the world outliner, but not beforehand. I have also spawned the players in my gamemode proper controller ID’s assigned.

For anyone who is also having trouble with this, on spawning each player I had to make sure I set the player to be AutoPossessed; this is how I did it inside my game mode after spawning a character.

myCharacter->AutoPossessPlayer = EAutoReceiveInput::Player0; // (Change to 0,1,2,3 for whichever player you need to assign a controller)