Multiple Options With Shared Samples

Merry belated Christmas! I’ve upgraded to 4.6 and upgraded a master material project to it, but many aspects to this material need textures with the nearest neighbor filtering option, instead of trilinear. When I use shared samplers, everything goes trilinear, and it blurs textures that need to remain blocky. Is it possible to use two defined sets of shared samples, one with nearest neighbor filtering, and the other with trilinear? Or is this impossible?

If it’s impossible, I’ll either just have to revert those assets to unshared samples (waste), or build channel-packing into my material pipeline to make it less sample-heavy. At the moment, I have one material using 9 texture samplers, 4 of which need to be nearest neighbor. There are enough options to expand the material to use 12 individual samples, on top of the 3 already required for lighting. Anything that helps would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!