Multiple objects mesh imported as one element

I’ve looked it up but can’t find an answer.
I created this wall in blender, separated it into several objects with P shortcut, so I can apply different materials on the different parts directly in UE ('cause I’d like to use the metallic surface with Blueprint on just one element, and so I don’t need to UV map the mesh [because yeah I mess it up too]).

I’ve tried it with and without checkind “Combine Mesh” in the import screen. (It just makes one single element, or breaks it into different meshes, not elements in one mesh).

You’d need to apply a multisub (google: “your 3d program name + multisub”) so you can apply more than one material in ue4. that said… with some proper vertex painting or masking, you could get both in one material, saving you at least one drawcall.

Thank you very much,
I was understanding that using vertex masking was also using additional drawcalls, I thought I chose the costless solution.
I guess it only affects the level loading time for static undestructible meshes anyway.

After reading, it seems multisub doesn’t exist in Blender, but we can manually assign different materials inside Blender. I was hoping using the UE4 BP materials anyway. Cause it’s nice and shiny ;p

Will try this out and probably figure it out with those elements,

A side-question comes to mind - as on image 2 and 3 on the left, we can see the wood and crazy black and blue material (we don’t see the blue) are all stretched up on the mesh, only having like an inch of the material pulled over the 2 meters wall.

I guess it’s some scaling bullcrap matter, but isn’t there an option inside UE4 where I can define this stretching of the material?

texture coordinate node, but only works if you unwrapped your mesh properly.