multiple maps in one level

so I want to make multiple maps in one level and what I mean by that is I want 6 different types of terrain so I can Spawn into anyone I want by HUD or a GUI on a title screen for example I have a desert terrain a snow terrain a water terrain or any other terrain and I select which ones I want to Spawn and by a HUD or a GUI I making this because I have a very good game idea but I’m not going to share it with anybody because I don’t want anybody to steal my idea so if you have any tutorials or ideas put them in the reply section and I hope you guys help me out

thank you

Before you get the expected responses I can say have you thought of the different obvious ways you could jump between different terrains? If sandbox in size and not too large you could have them all present at different locations and teleport between them in the simplest sense.

Otherwize i cannot tell if you want to just swap texture,s as if that’s the case you can definitely build that with UE4 within the current tutorials on youtube & blueprint knowledge as far as I’m aware.

The last obvious option is to spawn your level objects entirely by swapping out everything though how this is achieved is up to you but again is not difficult in general given the general knowledge you’d gain by learning the engine if you have not already by tutorials etc…

With all that said the forum here is excellent if you have a point question about a method of doing something, while showing you are familiar with the basics of the engine and are stuck on a particular part. In other words the community is not going to write your game for you, but I am going on a limb and state that you already know that :smiley:

P.S. what is your exact question? I didn’t find it in your post.

First off no one is going to steal your idea, you are probably far more finished with your idea than anyone could n’ hope to try and replicate. That being said someone has already thought of your idea. It is not special. Know this.

You can do what you are thinking with a few options.
First level streaming # 1 choice although not in the same level.
Second choice make all levels within the same level and use a level blueprint to spawn player where ever.

This may help you a bit… Enjoy!… Not the best but in BP i bet you could set up what your wanted to do pretty easy.