Multiple lighting issues.


I’m having some problems with lights. Both Dynamic and Stationary lights.
(as seen in the video and screenshots)
Stationary lights are creating weird shadows and lightmaps, and dynamic lights are getting brighter(?) and weirder over distance.

But its not happening in High-Res Screenshot mode.

I tried tweaking settings of lights but I couldn’t achive anything.

What should i do?

Engine version: 4.24
Rendering Engine: Vulkan

It looks like LODding, are you sure it’s not that?

Thanks! Looks like LODs are causing this. But how can I increase LOD distance for multiple static meshes? Should I increase screen sizes of’em individually? Isn’t there a batch way?

One thing you can do is select them and choose ‘force lod’ in the details.

Another is get LOD maker. It’s on the market place. I’ve used it, it’s good. But only worthwhile if you have a lot of LODs to recompute.