Multiple levels dedicated server / multiplayer

Does UE4 support multiple level streaming at the same time?
Let’s say 30 levels, with players playing and switching between them, all of this in one dedicated server.

İ dont know either, I hope somebody gives an answer. PLEASE

bump on this, Unreal Engine should be able to manage multiple maps in one dedicated server instance.

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I saw a similar question on the ue4 subreddit a while back. If that is exactly what you’re referring to, you can use the MultiWorld plugin for UE4. Here’s the link: MultiWorld plugin for Unreal Engine 5 | UNAmedia

I was thinking about this and think I came up with a solution that might work.

What I came up with would be to have a data server that all servers running world maps connect to in a separate unreal app then authorized clients like your map servers could alter data as needed and the data server would save the data to the HDD as needed then when a player connects to a map the data can be sent to your map server from the data server to the data client app running on your map server.

I think an easier solution to what I previously posted would be to have authorized data clients running for each map either on the same machine as the server or remote machines… there could be multiple data clients per map running on different machines so one machine doesn’t get consumed by too many data clients running on it… the data would be the same between data clients… so when a player disconnects from a server map the data clients save the player data on their machine. Then when a player changes servers the server tells a data client to load the data from disk and upload it to the map server.