Multiple Landscape PhysMats?

so I’m working on [ this ] landscape material, and I’m generating the different colors (will be textures) procedurally instead of using (importing) painted layers.

the problem comes with Physical Materials. Naturally I would like to have different footstep sounds and impact particles for the different textures. If I would be painting the layers I’d be able to use a different Physical Material for each layer. However rock, snow and grass are all part of the same layer so I’m unable to use different Physical Materials on them.

So this is pretty much a feature request. could there be a way to set up usage of different Physical Materials within the same Material?

In UE3 we had the PhysicalMaterialMask feature. that would be a nice starting point, but would still fall quite short for this (only supported masking between 2 materials, and you needed an input texture for it)

I’m thinking something like a Material Node that can have an array (like the LandscapeLayerBlend node) that you fill with different PhysicalMaterial entries, and where you can input values from 0-1, and then plug this node into a new material input called PhysicalMaterial

is this viable?

come to think of it, all I need would be that LayeredMaterials support using different PhysicalMaterials per layer.
seems quite a natural feature to have to be honest :slight_smile:

hi, just wanted to come back at this. it’s been months and still no answer, just want to know if it’s viable that we can somehow use multiple PhysicalMaterials in the same Material, aka. enabling us to output the PhysicalMaterial to be used, directly from within the Material network

Any dev that can point us in the right direction?

Please devs, give some info

hello Epic,

any info on this?

regards, Chosker

I’m also really looking for info on this. I have a procedural landscape material that uses MatLayerBlend_Standard’s and material functions. I was thinking material functions could have physical materials assigned to them and thus would fix this issue, but it doesn’t seem to be possible.

Dear Epic, just wanted to know if this is going to get some treatment or should I go back to splatmapping…

No way. Only one answer by devs some time ago on a chosker thread on forum.

I’m going to bump this every day

Hey Kheka and Chosker,

Thank you for taking the time to write up this feature request. I have gone ahead and entered it into our system (UE-22749) using the information you have provided. I also see the benefit of this feature and would like to see it implemented as well. I cannot promise this will make it into the engine anytime soon, but we also ask that you look to or Release Notes or Hotfix Notes for updates to your requests and issues.

Update: The bug number supplied above was a duplicate of the original. Below is a link to the original issue and there is an explanation as to why this feature has been backlogged.


Thank you,

Finally, thank you Andrew, and lets we hope :smiley:

Is there any news on this topic^ I have the same kind of problem and request. I want to be able to have different phys materials on ONE material, or a way to do it without the landscape tool…cause I use static meshes for grounds.

Essentially, you will not assign the physical material for these in the Landscape Material, or via the Landscapes Details Panel. You will want to to apply the individual Physical Materials in the LayerInfo Type that is created when you apply a material to the Landscape and generate them. So this feature is already implemented for Landscapes.

The request still stands for static meshes and has not been addressed or implemented as of yet.

Thank you,

It’s good to hear that it’s in the system :slight_smile: I too would like to +1 this feature for static meshes (materials in general, really)

no, that’s not what I will want

in the original post I state that I’m not relying on landscape layers. instead I’m relying on the method proposed by the Sylized Rendering Landscape example, where the usage of “layers” (textures) is defined procedurally within the material.

for the Stylized Rendering Landscape example, the feature is just missing. the method I proposed (defining the PhysicalMaterial with nodes inside the material graph) would be an optional but universal solution that would solve the issue for big meshes and for procedurally textured landscapes alike.

hope that clears it up



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Any news on this? this is a game breaker for auto mats that don’t rely on painted layers, really i think a easily option would be able to get the texture from a material using a linetrace and using that info for a Phys.

No news, was scheduled for 4.15 but… you know…

So this feature will never be integrated/added?

The linked feature doesn’t even show up now. :frowning: “Unknown Issue”

any news on that?