Multiple Instances of same Blueprint in Level doesn't handle MotionController Input correctly.

When I drag a actor with a blueprint multiple times in my level, it doesn’t handle the trigger of the MotionController correctly.
By pressing the trigger a rotation should be triggered, but it only triggers on the latest actor that was added to the level.

When I trigger the rotation by checking if the Controller is in the collision of the actor, it works correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.

I got the same problem, but for me it just works for the first actor that was placed. Does someone have a solution?

Probably have a controller object to handle the input, and then distribute the event to all the objects that are supposed to take the input with event dispatcher.

i’m having what seems to be the same issue. i drag in multiple lightsBP with a key to toggle visibility and only the last one works. has anyone figured this out?