Multiple instances of class type in array

So I’ve been trying to work on a randomly generated room layout system and I’ve worked out how to spawn predefined rooms from an array into an area to later move into place, but what’s got me stuck is that I have a Do N that is supposed to add between 0 and 15 instances of a class into the to spawn array, but for some reason only one instance of each room is ever spawned. I’m getting the feeling that class arrays can only have one of each type in them, and I’m not sure how I’d work around this.

I’m at a friend’s right now using his account to post, but if need be I can provide screenshots of my blueprints if my explanation was crummy. Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:

I think it’s the Do N node. It does not execute N times, it stops executing the out pin if N is reached.
Use a loop instead.

I’m not sure what you mean? Here’s the Do N, surely this should be fine?

Well that worked. Replaced my Do N with a simple for loop and it worked flawlessly. Cheers!