Multiple foliage instanced meshes?

Is it possible to have multiple instanced meshes from foliage?
I have a level of 1 square kilometer and I’m painting foliage on it but at this size the lilghtmaps max resolution is quickly reached.
It would be good if there was a way to have multiple instanced foliage meshes, but all painted trees go into the same actor. I split the landscape up in 4 quarters in the hope that the foliage painting is specific to the landscape actor, but it is not.
So is there a way to do that? If not, maybe we should request it for the future

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I was struggeling with a simmilar problem recently and found a solution by working with multiple levels (seems like there can just be one instance per level). Create a “master” level that will contain all your sublevels. ( Managing Multiple Levels | Unreal Engine Documentation )
If you Doubble click in each sublevel in the Level Outliner and paint with the foliage tool, you will create a new Instanced Foliage Actor to paint on in each sublevel.

In your case: Create an empty Level (your master level) and add your Level you want to split in the Level Outliner as a sublevel of the empty level. You’ll need to duplicate your Level asset, drag it into the Level Outliner as another sublevel and delete the foliage from that part of the sublevel you don’t need. And of cours delete the remaining foliage from wich you copied it from (otherwise you’d have multiple foliage in the same place).

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Yes I use multiple levels but nevertheless it happens. It probably means levels have to be smaller and more of them or something similar. Still it would be better if there was a way to control instances of foliage objects and have multiple ones per level