Multiple effects per event, how?

Is it possible to have multiple particle effects to be picked randomly for an event, lets say like a bullet hit?

I would guess its been made through a physical material blueprint?

The point is that the hit wouldn’t look the same at every impact. Different smoke, and other emitter stuff.


Whilst blueprints don’t have straight “pick random” node, you can make your own i guess as it has random integer within range node.
So if you have, lets say 3 effects you generate random int within 0-2 range (with options being 0, 1, 2) and then compare it to 0, 1, 2.

If generated int equals 0 then spawn effect #1, if generated int equals 1 then spawn effect #2 and if the int equals 2 then spawn effect #3.

Perhaps there’s an easier/faster way of doing this, but this is what i can think of now.

The MultiGate node allows you to pick a random choice each time it is executed.