Multiple Dedicated servers - Error?

I’m creating multiplayer strategy game, and im testing with 2 player setting with dedicated server mode.
This is also shown when i play 1 player- dedicated server.
In debug, i see that there are multiple dedicated servers, and i dont know how to remove them:

It also creates this when im trying playing 2 player - non dedicated server

but it runs normally when i try 1 player-non dedicated server

when outputing with print in 2 mode with dedicated server, it outputs 3 strings, which is normal, so i dont know why it shows so many “instances?” of servers

hm… I just tested on my game (multiplayer, dedicated server) - got 1 dedicated server item in the list. Is it persistent even after editor restart?

Yes the problem persists even after editor restart and i tried rebuilding etc.
So if there are multiple dedicated servers, does that mean i spawn them somehow via blueprints? But i dont think i do…
How do you think they get created?

not sure if you you spawn multiple dedicated servers through the editor. Probably it is a bug in UE.