Multiple CustomizedUVs not working

I am trying to use the customizedUVs system in the material editor to make texture coordinate manipulation more efficient. However, if I want to use more than one customized UV set (as in the example at the bottom of this page: Customized UVs in Unreal Engine Materials | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation), ALL texture references use the first customized UV set and there seems to be no way to specify which customized UV set a given texture parameter should be using. The documentation does not provide a clear example. What am I missing?

Hi Starfeuri -

You will need to plug in a Texture Coordinate with the assigned Coordinate Index that matches the UV# Value into the Texture you want to use with that Customized UV.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I’m the same error. Even though the input for each number, and, customized UV0 does not have the other hand, since the value that is correctly sent UV1. I like the texture of the two images to create a sense of flow using a variety panner, respectively.

HI zzoiyo -

The Customized UVs do work, they just do not preview in the Material Editor Nodes. There is a Feature Request in place to allow that to happen, but currently it does not.

Eric Ketchum

As your words, retry this work. I want to make FX using Particle system. So, this material is Particle system’s source. Within the Material Editor I did not see, as you said. But, do you apply the Material Particle System emerged from the way I want. thx:D

Applying a Customized UV as UE4 clear that the document can be optimized for mobile? Also there caveats to optimize? I want a lot of information related to the Particle System. Thanks for the answers to my questions, thank you!