Multiple camera viewpoints with RGB and Depth information

For a research project we wanted to simulate the scenario first before building it, and now I don’t know how to get information from multiple cameras at once.
The idea would be that our scenario (which works fine, the characters move, and behave as wanted) is filmed by multiple cameras in the room, which each grab a RGB and a depth information image from that viewport. How would I handle this behaviour in UE4? Can I get for each camera actor the depth image from its viewpoint, and if so, how? I found no option of this in the settings for a camera actor to only render depth to a texture.

Also, as I am not familiar with UE4 in general, how would I approach this? Per simulation camera add 2 camera actors, one renders the RGB, one the depth, and then get those textures programmatically?

you’re posting in the vr/ar section so are you referring to cameras that exist in the realworld or in game cameras?

for in game stuff you should use the scenecapture2d actor rather than the camera actors for writing data to a render target.

there’s a setting in there that let’s you use rgba with ‘a’ being depth