Multiple buttons to jump from levels?

Hello all,

I’m trying to create a walkthrough project that’s a really simple concept. It has 8 spaces in total, all have a SkySphere with an unlit material to display a 360 HDR on and has a static player in the centre to look around it. Around the scenes, there are buttons/hotspots with names of the next available space to jump too from that scene.

I’ve created 8 sperate actors and 8 separate widgets to create the individual buttons. The actors used to reference the widgets and then drag and drop in the game and display when deployed. The widget itself has just a button in the canvas panel with a texture for Normal, Hovered and Pressed. When pressed, each button, in each separate widget, is told to open the level it’s displayed as. The actors are just referencing the widget and left like that. Finally, I reference all the actors to the pawn blueprint using 8 ‘Get All Actors Of Class’ that then ‘get A Copy’ of the class then set a reference of the Actor. Bottom line is, these work perfectly fine and this method is on YouTube for those who are confused.

My problem is, I’ve got a maximum of 3 of these buttons in certain rooms. I’ve had it working with 2 of these in a level but any more than that, it doesn’t seem to work. I have an issue wherein some levels, one button will work fine and take me to the correct level and the button to return back to the previous level also works, but any others just seem to refresh the screen and remain in the same level or take me to one of the 8 at random. In some other levels, none of the buttons work at all and just refresh/load but loads the same level again. Is anyone knowledgeable as too why this is?

I’m also building too an Oculus Go.