Multiple Animations/Effects in Text Dialogue


Using a previous question as an example, I want to ask a follow up question adding to it.

Based on How to animate individual letters in a text block? - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums
I understand how to animated / create char by char text. And also making them move via animations.

I want to ask, any ideas on how to change an animation mid text like the “He He He” in the GIF above. Been searching the net for a few days and can’t seem to get an answer to it. Thank you in advance for the help!

My goal is to create text similar to this one example ( doing it as a learning experience in UE4) here is a link to see my goal :

Examples are 0:15 (the word “Cooperate”) 0:20 (“PUPP” becomes huge than normal) / 0:50 ( the wavey rainbow “Special”)

A C++ way is also cool, as I am learning both.

Hey there!
If you’re looking to customize/animate text, you might be interested in Expressive Text.
By using the designed syntax it tags up parts (or the whole) text and you can easily change text parameters or use style presets, like this one:

If you do have any further questions, just give me a shout!