Multiple AI movement / Navmesh

Hi Guys

I’ve really tried to search forums, internet and videos for an answers to my lack of understanding this Navmesh.

Basicly I want to have to AI characters to move around the map. Character 1 should be able to move around the hole map and Character 2 should only be allowed to move in some places.

In my (beginner) head, the easiest would be to have one Character use one navmesh and the other to use an other navmesh.

Now I’m getting to point, where I think I just can’t find the logic in how to achieve this and understand the navmesh(use of agents and query filter etc)

Could someone be kind to explain how I could achieve this and maybe how the AI navmesh works if you don’t want a AI to move into a certain area, but others to do?



I was looking for this as well and here’s what I found in UE4 forums: you can define more nav agents in project settings. Every nav agent has properties like radius, so navmesh for vehicles will cover only places where big vehicle fits. For every agent new mesh will be generated. You can then toggle nav mesh drawing with command ‘cyclenavdrawn’
Here is the link Nav mesh and ai.