I’m trying to make a multiplayer system similar to minecraft, in which there would be several maps for the players to navigate like
the nether, overwolrd and end but when i try to navigate to another map it seems to open different maps for each player only the main map i can see all the other players.

Sorry for the English, I’m translating using google translator

I have two options for you depending on what you want for your game.

  1. All players in the game move to the new level at the same time. In this case you would use server travel with seamless travel enabled in your game mode. When this is called all players will travel to the new map.

  2. Players can join at different times. This is quite a bit more complicated. You could try to setup a system where players that are not in the same map are not in the same session.

For example, 2 players are in map. 1 player leaves the session and creates a new one in the other map. Then when player 2 wants to join, they just join the session.

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I will try to make the second suggestion.
can i create a second session with the same host? in case 1 host have 2 maps.
Thank you for your help

You can utilize level streaming in your game. this method simply moves a character to another part of the world out of sight, and you simply load the level you want the player to enter.

You see this often when games have caves such as ARK, or Conan. The player enters unloads the stream levels and loads the cave/zone etc.

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thank you, I believe this solves my problem

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