Where can I go to learn how to do VR multiplayer? Just 1 simple level where a few friends can shoot stuff. I see there are a lot of videos for multiplayer in Unity, but can’t find a single one for UE4.

Developing multiplayer for VR in Unreal Engine isnt much different from developing a traditional flatscreen multiplayer game in Unreal Engine. The player pawn actor replicates (mostly) on its own, so things like location, rotation and scale should be sent to the server out of the box. For things like hands/head/body, you should only need to set the component to replicate in the pawn to have it appear correctly in a multiplayer environment (I think. Ill have to test that out to confirm, if it doesnt work, hit me up and ill see if I can help). For everything else, youll need to look into RPCs and server-side code to make weapons, shooting, etc replicate properly.

Source: full-time multiplayer VR developer for 2+ years, UE4 developer since 2014.