Multiplayer with single Camera and window

Hi i am trying to test a local multiplayer game and after checking the answer hub and finding answers.

i managed to set the camera to look at both players but i still keep getting 2 preview windows when i try to test it.

how can i get a single preview window for both of the players ?


i just had to change some settings in the game mode.

What settings did you change specifically? I am trying to set up a basic, single screen, 2 Player fighting game (something like Mortal Kombat), and I am facing the same issue. I can’t seem to find an example/tutorial of local, shared-screen multiplayer anywhere. Any information would be a giant help and greatly appreciated!

This is a really old post, but under Project Settings, Maps & Modes, Local Multiplayer, there’s a checkbox for “Use Splitscreen” that you will want to turn off.