Multiplayer with GearVR

What is the deal with multiplayer for GearVR? Last time I was working on it GearVR couldn’t join in another game hosted by another GearVR over LAN.
Is this still true?

How can I got about getting multiplayer to work on GearVR without the need for Google play?

I have the same question - is LAN only multiplayer possible running on Android (Gear VR) (maybe with the server running on a Windows PC)?

I managed to get it working by using a pull request from a community member to fix a bug with android as a host. You can see the details in the android thread:

Would be nice if Epic fixed the android as a host problem in general though as it’s meant to be working there’s just a problem with the hostname that is reported by the host device.


The pull request #1820 was accepted into 4.12 today. It should show up in master branch soon, and later in 4.12 Preview 1.

Awesome news thanks Chris :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies everyone.

Ill have a go at that fix for now but I’m glad to see it will finally be getting sorted out in an upcoming release.