[Multiplayer] Why won't my actor delete from world?

My actor deletes fine in singleplayer but won’t delete in multiplayer. Why is this?


Class Defaluts:


Server and Client replication functions have an additional restriction that they can only be used on Actors that have a Net Owner. Actors have net owners if they are a player controller or owned by a player controller. Example: A pawn possessed by a player controller can have Server or Client replicated functions executed upon it.

Pretty sure your Canned Bean isn’t owned by a Client, therefore a function cannot be called on the server.
Workaround : either force ownership (kinda tricky, you’ll have to use C++) or call a function on the Pawn taking this object as a parameter and then calling this function (since it’s now server-side)

Omg thank you for this! I made a function on MyCharacter blueprint to destroy it and then passed the actor through. It works great now :slight_smile:

thanks so much for this… i was spending a couple of hours trying to figure out why an actor wouldnt get destroyed… i tried EVERYTHING imaginable, except what really worked: setting this actor as a reference and running the destroy actor event from within the player character as a function… thanks!