Multiplayer UI not work

Hi i work on a runnig game and i have a problem with the BP_Finish

At the end the player overlaping the BP_Finish have a UI with his time but the UI appears on all players with own time

i don’t understand why

If BP_Player is a Pawn/Character you can use IsLocallyControlled on BP_Player and if True call Finish. Note that when setting a replicated variable client-side it will not get replicated and will be out of sync with the server.

Hi, as far as I see it, the “Event ActorBeginOverlap” fires on all players, because the actor exists on all players. Therefore each player executes “Finish” on the overlapping actor. Therefore you tell each player to create the widget and add it to the viewport.

Instead make “Finish” a “RunOnServer” Event, so it will only be called once. Then from there call an “RunOnOwningClient” event and inside that event you would add the widget (so this event will also execute only once on the owning client).

Whoua perfect explication ! I just realize i did not understand how work server/client