Multiplayer - Two pawns, One Game, One Computer?

Hi all - I’m working on building a multiplayer game in Unreal (4.22) with two pawns that I’m trying to run on one computer. When the game is launching, though, it seems like each of the two viewports is running a game independent of the other. Is there some way to indicate with the pawns that I want them to play a role in the same game, and to initialize them so that they’re both interacting with the same environment? I want to use one pawn as a primary actor, and the other as a “witness” of the action.

They are distinguished right now as “Player 0” and “Player1”, and are both AIControllerClass characters.

Any help getting this set up would be much appreciated!


the best for local mutiplayer is to use the split screen system (when you spawn to players, unreal splits the screen)
if you need to run 2 instances of the game, you ll have to use the network replication, and to connect each instance together so they can communicate.
in the second case , this might be halpfull : Replication | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube