[Multiplayer] Trying to replicate weapon pickup to clients

I am trying to make a multiplayer arena shooter like UETournament. There are pods that spawn weapons and when a player get nearby the weapon gets picked up automatically and added to the players inventory. Im having trouble trying to add weapond to clients, as for server everything seems to work fine.

The weapon pod actor is recplicated and instancing weapons trough network fine. Here is the event that spawns teh weapons:

Here is the event called when a player overlaps the weapon pod:

The Add Weapon event called on the player which is not working for client servers:

Additionally here is the function that spawns a weapon, in the Weapon Pod:

I think the problem might be on the weapon pod which is only spawning on teh server, but again in my head that makes sense because weapon pods are supposed to be known by the server. However i don´t know if i am assigning the weapon to the players correctly and i can´t seem to fugre this out. Any help would be aprpeciated, thank you!