Multiplayer text billboard above an item

Hello, I am making RPG game with top-down view and I’m trying to make this effect:

So basically to display item name above and when we rollover it with our cursor, we can see the details just like this:


All using blueprints and suitable for multiplayer.
Of course it will not be so advanced, I just want a box(or texture) with lines of text based on variables…
Please help me how to create it?
I’ve made a basic billboard text next to the item mesh component but it moves with the item and it probably wouldn’t work on multiplayer.
Thanks everyone for answering

I’m not familiar with text billboards. But if I were to make something like this, I would draw it to the HUD. You could use UMG for that. Epic even added a 3D-widget to UMG recently. I think you could use that.

I’m not using UMG, but this should be helpful:

In the second part he lets the text rotate with the character. I think it only needs a few slight changes that the widget always faces the camera. Or if you don’t need a 3D-widget, I assume you could just as well just draw a normal widget to the screen.

Thank you, that’s what I’m looking for but i still don’t know how to set text in the box depending on name variable? And the rollover feature? How to actually refer to the text in widget?

I wouldn’t use the 3d widget for that effect. In order to do this effect correctly the widgets have to be laid out with knowledge of all other loot widgets being rendered to the screen. You’ll need a special layout panel written in slate that can attempt to perform a best fit without overlapping any of the loot text widgets.

Thank you for answer. To be honest I just want a simple one, suitable for multiplayer and doesn’t really matters how professional it is, I have no budget and not planning to sell this project. So lets say the widgets can overlap if it works and it is easier to develop. I really am newbie in UE4 so I need easy beginning, I should not to be trying develop impossible as a newbie, and I still will have to link game data to the database which I have no idea how to do…