Multiplayer Teleportation

Hey guys,

I’ve been looking around everywhere for an answer to my problem, and have tried a lot of solutions regarding custom functions and server/client dynamics, but still haven’t found one that works. I’m working on an Among Us style game with a vent system and have it working server side, but when I try it client side, I just get a single frame teleport, then back to the original location. The mess on the left side is just the vent trigger boxes set up to the gate, and these are in the level blueprints.

Thank you for any help you may send my way.

Hi Ransom_Summer

You shouldn’t need to teleport on the client. Teleport on the server and natural replication should move the pawn on the client. Check your replication settings.

If you move the actor on the server AND client, you can end up with the actor fighting for its true location.

Hope this helps


Thanks so much for your quick reply! It turns out I was trying to set up my teleportation in both the level blueprint and on the object itself, but didn’t try to on the Character Actor.