Multiplayer Team Setup Problem

So I have been trying to set-up a multiplayer team selection menu where you can choose blue or red team.
I have a String var in my PlayerController, and whenever the player clicks on the blue team button (From my team selection widget) it sets the string to “BlueTeam” and when clicks on red “RedTeam”.
THE PROBLEM is that only the Host (or basically the player that joins first) can change teams. Otherwise the other players will get “Cast Failed” from the GameMode. Here are some screenshots from the things I just talked about:

I can supply more screenshots if needed.
Please let me know what im doing wrong, im new to multiplayer and I really do want to learn more.

After hours of researching I have finally managed to come with a solution!
I had to use PlayerState since only the Host has acsses to the PlayerController.
If someone reads this and needs more info please let me know I am willing to help!
Im just too tired right now to write more xD
Here is my bp (Hope this helps someone):