Multiplayer Survival Game Template

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This 100% blueprint powered template has everything you need to get your survival game up and running

Packed to the brim with all the standard survival game mechanics, as well as some of the more exotic ones, the template is easy to configure, easy to extend and easy to learn. Mechanics are all **modular **so you can drop anything you don’t need to save time and processing power.

Built with almost a year of feedback on the singleplayer origins, this template is now 100% multiplayer ready and optimized for network play.

Including systems to manage hunger, thirst, time of day, temperature (both body and world), health, oxygen, blood, stamina, power, poison and more, you will be able to give your players the survival challenge of a life time! Includes a full extensive graphical inventory with support for randomised loot spawning, chests, item cooldowns and more.

Full documentation is being written up on a wiki-based website, and an extensive future roadmap of features is planned for updates. All blueprint logic is extensively commented and easily laid out for learning and understanding.

There’s never been a better time to jump on board and buy the original Survival Game Template!

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  • 100% blueprint Graphical HUD driven by player stats
  • Graphical drag and drop inventory complete with item cooldown timers
  • Dynamic hotbar
  • Chest and loot system, including RNG drops on enemy death
  • Dynamic time of day, including support for third party day/night packages
  • Player health system
  • Player hunger and thirst systems
  • Oxygen management suited both to majority AND minority vaccuum/underwater environments
  • Blood management including bleeding on player taking damage
  • Stamina/energy management system
  • Flashlight/torch with optional recharging battery management
  • Volume-based poison system
  • Multi-faceted temperature system, taking into account time of day, player body temperature and more
  • First and third person camera modes, including both behind player and over-the-shoulder view
  • Crafting, salvaging and harvesting
  • Customisable weapon/ammo system
  • Main menu and session browser example framework
  • Advanced movement mechanics such as crouch, prone, sprint, etc.
  • Visual feedback system for player stat levels
  • And much, much more!

*Please note that whilst it is possible to add this to an existing project with a little work, it is intended to be a template as a basis for starting a new project.
For more info visit (being updated as time allows).

All artwork included are intended for demonstration purposes only.*


Please see this page on the Multiplayer Survival Game Template Hub


Please see this list of updates for all updates to date, including instructions on how to apply important bug fixes yourself where possible (in case you have already extended the template)

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Inventory/Crafting System Overview
Adding New Weapons to the MSGT

Integration Tutorial - MSGT + Ballistics FX
Integration Tutorial - MSGT + BOOM! Explosions Toolkit
Integration Tutorial - MSGT + EasyBallistics Plugin
Integration Tutorial - MSGT + Enforcer Rig [CUSTOM CHARACTER MESH]
Integration Tutorial - MSGT + Footprints System
Integration Tutorial - MSGT + Generated Gore Dismemberment Kit
Integration Tutorial - MSGT + Newtonian Advanced Momentum and Falling Damage
Integration Tutorial - MSGT + Orbit Weather and Seasons
Integration Tutorial - MSGT + TrueSky Plugin
Integration Tutorial - MSGT + Ultra Dynamic Sky


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good to see you got it made m8, hope it does well for you.

Looks interesting for sure. How about weapons and building & crafting?

Inside it is a basic system for weopons, you can create different types of weapons through very easy functions.
Crafting is not in there, but you can easily integrate that since the mainsystem is very modular.

Cheers man. Took way longer than it should of but oh well. Complicated life is complicated XD Glad to have it at a release version now for sure :slight_smile:

As Kanizitas mentioned - the basic setup for projectile weaponry is there already, so you could very easily expand that to add an array of guns and such weaponry. Crafting is not in there at all. That’s one of the features I plan on implementing one day, but I won’t promise it’ll get in there. You could pretty easily integrate another system though given that, as Kanizitas mentioned, I’ve set it up to be quite modular. I don’t have any of the crafting systems currently available, so I can’t garuntee that it’s easy, but it shouldn’t be too hard :slight_smile:

I don’t know if i’m just being dumb but could you walk through changing the player character meshes? Whenever I swap the FP one it doesn’t show ingame for some reason :confused:

fixed with help from author!

Author was great, fixed!

Note for others: this issue was resolved :slight_smile: Basically, for some reason, the Epic mesh rotation is different to the rotation used by a lot of marketplace assets. Because, as part of the transition between first person and third person we have to set this rotation. By default we use the Epic mesh so it sets to that rotation. It’s a very trivial matter to set it up to use new rotations, however I will make it so that even this isn’t necessary in the next update, just to ensure no one else runs into this :slight_smile:

Yee this is totally awesome! And it is completly beginner friendly, you just place the master bp in your game and reference it in your player and off you go :3 You can modular shut off things you dont need so everthing is optional!
This whole things is modular and comes without any dependencies in one single folder!

I have bought an AKS74U from Marketplace/Ironbelly. I have added it to project. How can I add it as pickup item and equip as gun with functionality? I am new to UE so please guide or refer to a good tutorial. Thanks in anticipation.

Thanks for the review :slight_smile:

Hey NomanShah. If you check out this playlist Singleplayer [OUTDATED] Survival Game Template Tutorials - YouTube on my YouTube channel, there is a few tutorials already up, including one on how to make a new pickup. It’s not for a weapon pickup technically, but you should be able to work it out from that one I’d say. Give that a go and if you run into issues, let me know :slight_smile: You could also look at the gun pickup included and work from there. That one is PI_UE4Gun.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: Like I said - if not, shoot me a PM or add me on Skype/Steam (username for both is apoisonedgift) and we will get you sorted :slight_smile:

Hey! Just wanted to say this looks brilliant! I’m tempted to buy it on gumroad but I prefer to buy items through the Marketplace… hoping for a release date soon!

Hey. I should have a release date this coming week (that’s what Epic tell me anyway XD)! Glad you are keen :slight_smile:

Great work! Been playing around with this for a couple days now. Is there an ETA on the documentation?

Documentation is more or less finished… I just need to add in a few things that have come up recently and proof read it all yawn… I am about to send the current version to all of the Gumroad purchasers. Should help get a little feedback on anythign I’ve missed or made more complicated than it needed to be! So check your inbox in about 5-10 minutes :slight_smile:

Awesome. Lots to read over :slight_smile:

I had just started adding these systems to my project when I stumbled on your template. I have a couple of suggestions based on the direction I’ll be going…

Clothing modifier: Have a variable that acts as a multiplier on the rate of body temp change, and possibly the min/max
Rate of change: Take into account the temperature difference. If the player is at 98F and the air temp is 20F, the player temp should decrease at a faster rate than if the air was 70F for example.
Wetness: Another multiplier based on the wetness value of the player
Humidity: A multiplier that would effect the rate of cooldown from >98.6F (Though I don’t believe there is any mechanic in here currently to enable cooling the player under any condition other than a lower air temp)
Wind / Wind Chill: I don’t believe there is any mechanic for wind effects on air temp or change rate. Along with this, a ‘blocking’ value that can be set indicating a percentage of the wind that is being blocked.
Local Heat: Able to be set based on surrounding objects (eg standing next to a fire), would add/subtract to/from the air temp as appropriate (via Interface?)
Consuming food/drink having a short term effect on player temp

I never really got started on this piece, but detection of whether or not the player is in a shadow as another factor.

My original aim was to hit as much realism as possible so some of this may be beyond your desired scope. As long as my old project is still working, I have BPF’s for accurately calculating heat index and wind chill that I’d be happy to share.

Hey Vaelek. All of those mechanics are great ideas for survival games… but a large number of them can already be achieved with the systems in place. It’s important to remember that the system is a template providing a set of mechanics and systems for you to build with. As such - the things you can do go far beyond just what is demonstrated in the example level. I might grab a couple of your suggestions and do a quick tutorial or two at some point, demoing how you can use the template to make expanded systems :slight_smile:

For the record - the rate of change does happen as is. The body temperature changes as a percentage of the difference between the body and the world. This means that if the difference between the two is large, then the body temperature will change at a larger rate, ie. more rapidly :slight_smile:

Local heat can also be sorted using the master volume that is included :slight_smile: One of the main things I have forgotten in the documentation is using volumes, so I’ll be sure to get that sorted before release!

Things like the clothing modifier and wetness modifier would be very easy to add in though. As would the consuming food/drink effects. As for the others - they wouldn’t be particularly hard, depending on your system obviously. Oh, and using the master volume you can indeed cool the player below the air temperature! I will definitely need to document these volumes so thank you for highlighting that!

As mentioned, I’ll try and take examples like yours for some “expanding the template” tutorials at some point :slight_smile:

I couldn’t wait any longer for the Marketplace release so I bought it through Gumroad a day or two ago lol been playing around with it and I must say, it’s absolutely brilliant mate, I love it! How can I download the documentation? It didn’t seem to come with it in the zip I downloaded.

Haha don’t worry, I would have done the same thing with something I was keen on XD Thank you very much for the kind words! I really appreciate all the comments I get on the template.

As for the documentation, as it’s not entirely finished I just sent it out in an email to all purchasees. Check you inbox… now! (or whenever the internet gods see fit for it to arrive there XD)