Multiplayer shortcuts not working

I’m trying to test multiplayer in my project. I made two shortcuts, one for the server and one for the client. They have the following structure

Server: “AbsoluteEnginePath” “AbsoluteProjectPath” Default?listen -game
Client: “AbsoluteEnginePath” “AbsoluteProjectPath” -game

If I launch the client after the server has been launched and in game, the server window will shut down, and the client will launch in it’s own world not connected to anything.

Am I doing something wrong with my shortcuts?

Turns out it’s an issue caused by SteamVR. If you want to do some testing done you can launch a standalone instance of your project and either type open YourMapName?listen or modify the shortcut. This will be your server instance. In order to have a client connect to that server just do a PIE session and type open 127.0.01 in the console.

More info here: