Multiplayer shootout: multiple problems

Is this example “multiplayer shootout” working for most people? My experience with this project is somewhat frustrating.

  1. Host game from server => client gets knocked out from the game totally.
  2. On 4.10: Host game on client, join on server => black screen on server (the actor is spawned on the client, though)
    2.5. On 4.10.4: Unreal Engine crash => send and restart => Failed to open descriptor file “…/CommandLineRemoved/CommandLineRemoved.uproject” (crash report:
  3. Create a standalone version and run two processes afterwards: the second process gets stuck when joining.

Is this a problem with the example or with the blueprint methods (CreateSession, JoinSession…) in the example? I went throughout all of the blueprints and they seem to be fine to me.

EDIT: Creating a windows executable makes multiplayer work (with the 4.10.4 version).

As the update to 4.10.4 made the standalone version work, I’ll be closing this – all other cases are already stated as known problems here: Multiplayer Shootout | Unreal Engine Documentation