Multiplayer shoot out does not work when packaged


So I download the game.

Package it, with out editing nothing.

I run two instances,

I press Play on client A, and he loads the map.

I press Find Match on client B and I find a session, with 0/0 players, and 999 ping, I join, and I fail to connect.

When I try to quit the game in Client A(I.E press Escape, and go back to menu), it stops the game and gives me a blank screen.

Did Epic originally intend this to happen, or must I do some configurations?

Thank you,



For those who want to test the multiplayer shoot out game with out steam, open up the config files in “DefaultEngine” and make sure you delete the Steam settings and ensure


Is added.

This will mean that you are not using the STEAM SDK platform.

With this you can now host locally, and find local games.

Silly me!

However, @SeanFlint when I got back to the Main menu, from in-game menu, I get a black screen, despite the state being “playing”. I have left this for another day.