Multiplayer shoot on target replication error

hi. how would you correctly set if you have a target actor and 2 replicated character. each one shoot the actor and gets his points for it. also there would be a widget which tells the 2 player’s score?
I’ve tried almost everything but fails all the time…

Anyone has advice?

Easy, Each player Controller has a score, there has to be an actor called for instance score info.

This score info will be spawned on the Game Mode and instanced and this one replicates and all.

When the player gets score the game info. will tell the score class , in player Controller there will be access to this unique score info and so use the player controller to access it. Set the owner to the first playerController class.

errrr… it will work but this not the “correct way” to do this regarding the doc :

You should store player score relative in playerstate, and this make sens whith how you can access to the playerstate.

Well you can make even a rendering engine in unreal nobody tells you to do so but you can do it…
well it;s a good idea to use what already is created… GL :slight_smile: