Multiplayer - server disconected event.

I’ve a problem with multiplayer every time listen server quit the game everyone got a crash about garbage collector. I would like to implement “server disconnected” event and draw hud on the screen and go back to main menu.

Anyone know how can I achieve something like that using blueprints?

I don’t think you should be getting a crash from the server disconnecting. As for telling when you’ve been disconnected from the server, I don’t know how to do that off the top of my head. I’ll check it out later hopefully.

Thanks Cobryis, basically with to your help I was able to create racing game with multiplayer working on PC in couple of days. Now I’m trying to check why it’s not working on mobile :slight_smile:

As for the crash - there is something with UMG and garbage collector, it would be easier for me to track the issue if I would have “server disconnected” event somewhere but I think that it’s only in C++.

btw. I will be grateful if you can take a look at this as well: UMG - get local servers list without C++? - UI - Unreal Engine Forums

My game’s in the early stages and so I haven’t gotten any usability things like server listings or UMG stuff yet, and this is my first Unreal project.

However, while making a game entirely in blueprint is possible, making a networked game entirely in blueprint is not so much at this time in my opinion. A lot of game mode stuff isn’t exposed to blueprint, and so that’s going to hold you back. Do you have C++ experience? It’s easy enough to expose C++ interfaces to Blueprint if you know a bit of code (maybe even if you don’t).

I’ve a programmer in my team, but I don’t want to bother him those things. Thanks for the info, will check shooter example game - they have everything, searching for game, disconnecting etc.

By the way I made a forum suggestion that might interest you: I think we need a Multiplayer/Networking forum in Development Discussion - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums