Multiplayer: RPC spawn on server gives LogNet error

I have 2 characters and they can spawn blocks. When I let them spawn these things on my client (in my controller class), it makes an RPC to the server and the server calls the spawn function on every client:

My Controller:

How I create the block:

If I spawn something on my client, everything is fine, it gets replicated on my server and both have the same new spawned block. But if I do it on my server, the client camera changes (as if your character died, possession changed maybe?) and in the log I get following message:

LogNet: Received invalid swap message with child index -1

What is wrong?

When you spawn your block on client and multicast it works because the server has a reference to client’s controller. The reverse is not true, when server PC does a multicast, the client does not have an instance of host’s PC.