Multiplayer respawn system

I currently have a respawn system set in play for my multiplayer Mario Party like game where when one of the four players falls out of bounds into the trigger box, they are teleported out of the boundaries of the level where the camera cannot see them. Then after two seconds they respawn back into the playing field.

However, if two players fall out and collide with the trigger box at the same time, only one of them will respawn. I’ve tried changing the blueprint code around (which you can see in the provided images below) to include a triggerbox in the area where the players are sent after they fall out (I’ve called it the TimeOut zone). However this hasn’t changed anything.

To show you how I’ve built this system, I’ve included images showing the relevant code just down below, as well as the area in which the players spawn and play, as well as the time out area.

Also, if you’re wondering why I don’t just destroy the players when they hit the out of bounds trigger box it’s because if I destroy player 1, the camera gets messed up.

So if anyone has an idea of how I could fix this current respawn issue, or has a better idea for respawning players, please do feel free to comment below. Any advice would be super helpful. Thank you.