Multiplayer Respawn blueprint

I am making a vehicle multiplayer game that runs on a dedicated server and i’m having an issue where i cant get the server to respawn. I cast to the multiplayer character from the gun my character is using to apply damage and when the health is 0 it casts to the character then runs the custom events. The server can kill the clients but the server doesn’t respawn

we ended up doing the respawn another way with teleporting so no worries

Can you help me pls. My respawn isnt respawning for client side…When i host 2 Viewport (PIE) screens , 1 being server and the other being client, the client can kill the host no problems but when the server kills the client, the client refuses to respawn.

How do i replicate respawn to clients as well as server?

Well, what we ended up doing was setting up a teleport type system as a respawn, so you dont actually die and respawn, but instead you teleport to a spawn point and proceed as “respawned”
worked perfect for us. hope it helps