multiplayer resource gathering multiplicator

So basically, when the player hits a rock or a tree, the player receives resources like a specific number of resources. I would like to add the functionality that if you create a new game, you can choose the resource multiplicator I would also like to use the same multicar

I’m wondering if I should put the multiplicator in the game state or the game mode.


Hi, if you put it into the game state, then both the server and client can know about it. If you put it into the game mode only then only the server knows about it.

In the end it depends on what you like more. If you have all your rules in the game mode, then put it into the game mode, then you have all in one place and that might be easier to maintain. If you then want the clients to also know about it, then you could additionally put it into the game state.

like what would be the scenario where I would want the client to know or not?

Some examples are described here: