Multiplayer Replication of Wall Jumping


First off i have been struggling with porting my single player features into multiplayer ones. I recently got Wall Sliding working in single player, and then with some fanagling i got it working in multiplayer, however my same trick doesn’t seem to be working for a wall jump.

Usually what i do is I split the Finding the controller part into a client side UFUNCTION method, and then pass that to a Server side UFUNCTION Method. However it would seem no matter what i try the client doesn’t seem to want to jump. HOWEVER if crank up the force the client can be seen doing a wall jump for a frame, and then reverting back to the original Position.

Below is the C++ file code for MyCharacter class.

Below is the .h file code for My Character class.

Any Help is greatly Appreciated!
I feel like this problem has to do with the fact that im still using the normal jump method, or some syntax i don’t know or have seen yet.

Thanks in advance!

I figured it out.

thankyou you are unreal forum tutor