Multiplayer Replication is a nightmare to learn, could use some help

Currently I am in the process of putting together a multiplayer combat (Host/Listen) third-person shooter, the only painful part I seem to be blocked on is Multiplayer Replication. So at the main menu there is a character options screen where a player can change hair, skin, clothing, shoes, etc. then the player can go back to the main menu->click play->and load into a start area, where they see their character with a menu that has maps and game modes. After selecting the map and mode the host clicks on Host, or the someone can click on Locate to find a hosted game. So after all that they load into a lobby with a list showing who is connected and they can see their own player character. Timer hits 0 then everyone servertravels to the map. So the character options menu has a save file, from that save file is where I’m grabbing all the options (clothing, hair, shoes, etc). Unfortunately I’ve seen a lot of weird combinations, but never the outcome I need, players see what they are wearing and can see what the other players are wearing in the game map. Any help would be appreciated, I just wish there was an easier way to see what get replicated and how during development. Please excuse the mess of the blueprints, I’ll clean them up after I get through my Million and 1 changes. I think my main problem is with knowing what variables to set to replicate and when to set something as run on server or just have it run locally.
Thank you for any assistance, please end my suffering