Multiplayer realtime, cost?

Hi, so I was wondering, if I want to start testing a prototype of a multiplayer game I have in mind, something really simple, only 1v1 mode, using the solutions UE4 provides out of the box, is there a server cost that I would have to pay to have it running?.

Disclaimer: I’m fairly new to MP.

Oh that’s great then, is there a complete tutorial that you know of explaining the subject in detail?.

If u run it through the Steam APP ID you have no cost.
Otherwise you have to pay the VSERVER with a dedicated server on it.

theres actually a third option too you can do a direct connection if you know both players ip address. if you want a tutorial theres a few on the unreal youtube page i know theres one in particular by wes bun done using the steam method.

also if your just starting you could also do local multiplayer which may be easier since theres no network involved.

Nice Tutorials about the Steam API and the Advanced Sessions Plugin :smiley: