[MULTIPLAYER] [Realistic Shooter] [TUTORIAL] Project Alpha

Hi to all in community,

I’m writing here for my friend. Yesterday, We talked, and got to this idea - record a series of future tutorial for multiplayer realistic shooter project called Alpha. It will be combination of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Escape from Tarkov and Arma game mechanics, on advance level.

Basic setup and future plans for recording can be followed on trello ( If there is really interest, We’ll keep working on these tutorials and this project in cooperation with you (our followers).

IDEA IS NOT just to record 20-30 minutes videos in parts on begginer level, like 90% of tutorials on youtube and even some premium sites like udemy.

IDEA IS to record free tutorial series, every video long like 1 hour (not 20-30 minutes), and get in-depth explanation of everything, on advance level! Also We want to communicate with our followers and you can leave feedback / comment on video or discord, also We’ll add your ideas on our trello list.

Every idea, suggestion will be appreciated - or even problem, if you need something to fix or have a problem in some aspects of realizing project, you’ll get fast response!

Here is discord: (DragonFoxStudios)

Here is video:

Thanks \Спасибо

ANYTHING… still going on?

this sounds so good, hope you didnt leave it :frowning: