Multiplayer random server joining?

This is a pretty crazy question but what is the best way to have a system that pairs you up with another person.
An example would be like Omegle which has a similar system that let you pair you up with random people.
I have seen games do this but I don’t know the best way to start this. It would be greatly appreciated if someone sent me links to tutorials or simple blueprint scripts to help me get a good start at something like this. (:

The solution is not in blueprint. Or rather I would strongly suggest not doing it in blueprint.

You need a often called match making system. Or more specifically a matchmaking server.

A static thing on the internet the game can connect to where new servers register and players can request a server to join. That separate server will then look through the list of currently available servers and forward the player to the best option.

It’s not usually something done within the engine itself since it provides a quite massive overhead of stuff to load up while in reality you would want a lightweight server so it’s cheaper to run.